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This is Daniella + Ruby - 22, 23yr.
Get to the door and one of the girls grabs my dick while the other sticks her tongue in my mouth. I think both are hotter than their photos. Off to the shower where they both join me and wash me well paying special attention to my dick and ass. I dry off and they both join me at the foot of the bed and they both start sucking my cock. One comes up and starts licking my chest and nipples. Hot as hell. She starts kissing me while the other one continues to blow me. The kisser grabs a rubber and say's "you come two times". I didn't go extra for any kind of 2 girl action, but they kissed a little at this point. Daniella started to ride me while the Ruby played with her pussy. The other one was getting ready to ride me when I asked for more blowjob. They switched positions and the other one finished me in her mouth. As soon as she sucked me dry the Ruby jumped down and sucked the other's spit off of my dick. Wow. Fucking hot. They grabbed a warm towel and washed me off and told me to turn over for a massage.
Daniella + Ruby photo
Daniella + Ruby photo
Daniella + Ruby photo

Age: 22, 23
Nationality: Eastern Europe
Dress Size: 10, 10
Orientation: Bisexual
Bust: 34C
Hair colour: Brunette
1 hr from: £220
Add hr from: £200
Overnight: £1400
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